Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lucky Burger

If you haven't been to this place you should immediately go. They have the best onion rings I have ever tasted, and I've tasted a lot of onion rings. A lot. These taste good dipped in ketchup, they taste good by themselves, and they taste good if you tie your hands behind your back and eat them just using your mouth.

The thing about Lucky Burger is that it looks from the inside like it was built alongside a train, like it's in some sitcom that takes place in New York or Chicago or a major city that has a decent public transportation system. It's real small and narrow, and it has the red checked table clothes that tell you it's authentic and real (as opposed to other table clothes, which say, "this is a fake restaurant, don't eat here, it's all holograms and sugar substitutes"), and the window blinds were drawn even though it was eight thirty at night, in order to keep the glare of the train cars out of diners eyes. +21 It was really nice. Sometimes living in Houston feels like I'm living in a really big town rather than the third largest city in the United States, as I don't get the stereotypical big city activities in (riding in trains, walking decisively down downtown streets, wearing blazers while drinking cosmopolitans and discussing my kooky love life.) Most of what I do in Houston involves driving down 59 and screaming at Lexus SUVs for cutting me off, so I like to get these experiences in that match my romantic ideals about big city life.

Here's what's important about Lucky Burger: displayed right next to the cashier stand is their award from Marvin Zindler, given to them in 1998 for extraordinary cleanliness. This is precisely the sort of thing I want to see posted in a restaurant and I wonder why more restaurants don't have them!!! It's a bit alarming I'll admit that their latest award was from 15 years ago, but any bit of reassurance is good, I think it's safe to assume that there is no horse meat in their burgers +12 Can I just weigh in on this controversy? I would like to start out by saying that I love IKEA meatballs and even if horse meat had been found in a meatball that I was about to put in my mouth, I would still eat it. But I still think it's kind of sad to think about, just because when I was younger I took horseback riding lessons in Waco and there was this one horse there that was so nice and beautiful and she had sweet little horse eyes and her name was Meg and I know lots of people eat horses, like those weird Canadians and also the Dothraki (heh heh Game of Thrones reference, you guys wouldn't get it it's too high brow for you) but I don't think I could do it. Also I imagine it tastes like goat and as you guys know I hate goat.

The other thing about Lucky Burger is that they deliver! Anywhere within a three mile radius, which guess what! Counts as the restaurant I work in! +8 There's nothing I love more than someone not making me leave my home/place of work, thanks a lot Lucky Burger you're personally taking away from the amount of time I have to spend on 59 (or I guess in this case Richmond Avenue) and increasing the amount of time I spend feeling like a real city girl! +184982

In conclusion Lucky Burger is awesome and we should all immediately terminate our leases and move into their delivery zones and eat nothing but onion rings for the rest of our lives.

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