Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mission Burrito

I mistakenly went in to Mission Burrito last Thursday thinking that it was a chain restaurant and I thus wouldn't have to blog about it. I was tired, stressed, recovering from pnuemonia. I didn't want to have to do any work. I wanted to sit around, take an off week, eat food and think only of how things tasted. Unfortunately, guys, the only Mission Burritos in the entire world are here in Houston, and it is my job - nay, my DUTY (heh heh heh duty) - to report to you guys about it. It's a tough life, being an amateur blogger, but I do it for you guys. I do it all for you guys.

My trip to Mission Burrito started out pretty great, guys, I'll be honest. I'd only come in because it was Thursday and Thursday is my usual day for eating in restaurants, but there on the wall, a sign - Thursday nights are college night! Bring in your student ID and get a burrito - any burrito you want - and a drink for only seven dollars! I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I'M in college. AND I have a student ID! And I like things that only cost seven dollars for me, when they would usually cost more money for another person! +7 I went to Mission Burrito with my boyfriend and he never picked up his student ID because he thinks he doesn't need one ("I've never been asked to provide my student ID by anyone on campus, Catherine. Ever. I don't need one!") but I think that this is proof that I'm right! Everybody needs a student ID, whether they are in college or not. It's not just about Mission Burrito, either. Plenty of other places provide a student discount as well. For one thing, if you go to the River Oaks movie theater, a normal ticket will cost you $10 (and then the air conditioning isn't even on that cold, I mean come on guys, what do they think I'm paying for? A movie? No, I'm paying to sit in the dark in air conditioning for a couple hours because it's hot as Hades in Houston and it's already October, and all I'm saying is I'm moving somewhere cold first chance that I get.) If you have a student ID? That same ticket is only $7! That's three dollars in savings! That's a lot of money, that's how much my favorite scratch off costs. It's called bonus word and what happens is it looks like it's a crossword puzzle, but all the words are already filled in and then you scratch off letters and if the letters you have in the scratch off panel match the letters in the crossword well enough to form three or more of the printed words, you win three dollars, up to $35000! I'll admit at first I thought it was silly of people to do a scratch off more than once but this one is so fun and takes so long to figure out which words you have that it's probably worth three dollars worth of fun. Even if you don't get to do it in a dark, air conditioned room. I mean you can but I usually do them in my car. Anyway I lost my train of thought already but yeah I like student discounts.

MORE good things: look I think we can all agree that the best part of going to a Mexican restaurant is the free chips and salsa to eat while you drink your margaritas and wait for your food. The thing is at Chipotle and Freebird's they don't give you free chips and salsa because I've never ordered a margarita there and the only time you're waiting for your food is when you're ordering your food because you make it in front of you so you don't NEED chips and salsa so they always charge you for them! Which isn't the worst thing in the world, but I love chips and salsa almost as much as I love my fish Melvin. Actually maybe more, I never had to change chips and salsa's tank, and I have to change Melvin's every single week. How is he getting dirty?? He lives in a giant bathtub!!! But at Mission Burrito, they have a chips and salsa bar and you can just go and get as many chips and salsas as you want! +11! Most of their salsas are pretty gross, I'll preach it real to you, but they have a black bean dip that I wouldn't mind gorging myself on again. I just appreciate that finally there is a burrito place who trusts me to make decisions about my own chips and salsa consumption.

The best thing about Mission Burrito I guess I really discovered at Chipotle a couple weeks ago. Have you guys tried these things called burrito bowls? They have them at Mission Burrito! It's just like a regular burrito, but instead of being wrapped up in a tortilla, it's just chilling in a plastic bowl and you eat all the ingredients with a fork. +28 Oh man that's real good news for me, I'm usually really good at eating a burrito for the first half and then as I get closer and closer to the end it starts to fall apart and next thing I know I have rice in my hair and my hands are dripping in salsa and there's cilantro in the seat next to me. But if you get a burrito bowl, there's none of the ups and downs! You're just a straight plateau of competency! It's really good. I actually mastered the use of a fork a couple years ago, and it feels really good to be able to telegraph those skills in social situations. Thanks, Mission Burrito.

That's everything I got. Everyone make sure you head on over to FUHA to check out the video I filmed last week. I look pretty cute in it, you can email your compliments to

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  1. Mission Burrito is our "go to" restaurant. You can find us there weekly (or more often). For the free chips and playground, I'm pretty sure you need to go to the West Alabama location... which is perfect for us.

    I hear what you are saying on the burrito disaster. I started ordering the bowls as well. At Mission Burrito you can ask for the salad lettuce and they will get romaine from the kitchen. Then you can pretend you are eating healthy as you eat your salad bowl, 12 pounds of free chips and sip on frozen margaritas.

    Nice video. :)

    1. Oooh I didn't even realize they had margaritas! Pretending to eat healthy is my favorite thing, last week I stopped eating red meat but did consume four chocolate bars.

  2. Yay for food in bowls!