Thursday, June 28, 2012

IKEA Restaurant

Look maybe you guys didn't know this about me but I read a lot of books. Right now for instance I'm reading Game of Thrones; have you guys read it? Oh my GOSH it's amazing when I grow up I want to be just like Arya Stark because she's real cool or maybe Jon Snow before the fourth book, I'm currently reading the fourth book and he's not so great in it. I'm sure he'll turn out OK I just have to keep reading. Anyway my point is the IKEA Restaurant is inspired by a book this whole nation read (or at least watched the movie adaptation of): The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.

The IKEA Restaurant has taken all the foods they talk about from this "Sweden" mentioned in The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and really brought them to life! +9 They have such charming foods as "Swedish meatballs" and "lingonberries" that hearken back to the pages of this wonderful work. It's like going to Harry Potter World, and getting to drink Butterbeer and eat Fizzing Whizbees, just like Harry, Hermione, and Ron do, but instead we're hardened journalists and inked up computer geniuses. It's such a literary blast!

Not only that, but there's a woman who works behind the counter and says things like "I'm not allowed to give you mashed potatoes, don't tell anyone" in accents JUST LIKE the ones used in Girl with a Dragon Tattoo! +12 I mean they are down to the details on this one, guys. She didn't look like any of the characters that I remembered, but she was small and had blonde hair so I guess she was an amalgamation of several of them. Either way I thought the attention to detail was exceptional.

It didn't even end there! There's a whole store attached to the IKEA Restaurant, I mean obviously, like all theme parks they make most of their money in merchandizing. They sell mostly furniture, which I think is silly. I mean they did occasionally mention furniture in the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo; so and so sat down, Berger had a desk, probably so did a couple other characters, there were some beds mentioned, you know, the usual. It just seems like it's kind of a weird thing for the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo theme park to specialize in, but I mean, to each their own, right? +8 And the thing is all of the furniture and all of the books in the store are written in the same funny, made up language as the streets and the towns in the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. +9 I mean they really committed to this right? I mean it's not some kind of crappy literary amusement park, when they decided they were going to make an amusement park they went all out. I wish it had better rides, though; there's these stairs you can stand on and then they'll magically ride you up to a different story, and then there's this room you can go into and the doors will close and you can press some buttons and it'll go up a flight as well, but neither one of them are very fast or anything and they don't take your picture when you're at the top so I think maybe they should work on that aspect of it -14.

If I ever have a literary amusement park, it's going to be Jane Eyre themed. Not because I particularly liked it I mean I read it three times because I kept thinking it was going to get better and I guess it did. But I just think there are a lot of places you can go with a Jane Eyre Theme Park. You could have the ride where everybody's trapped in an attic room while the building is burning and then roller coaster takes you through windows and falling eaves like you're trying to escape but in the end you don't make it out (or do you? Like I said I only read it three times). You could have like a fun house where you think you're just a nanny but then it turns out everybody's playing charades and some weird guy is flirting with you the whole time. And then of course there'd be the ride where you're running through a field in a white dress. I don't think that ever really happens in the book but it's on the cover of my copy so it's how I always imagine Jane Eyre whenever she's not driveling on about something. There'd be three or four roller coasters in the end, I'd have to come up with a plot for the other ones, but I think I actually have a better start than IKEA does.

Incidentally, what does IKEA stand for? I couldn't come up with any Girl with a Dragon Tattoo anagram, but maybe if I'd read it as many times as I've read Jane Eyre it would come to me. By the way, try the Swedish meatballs, even if they were just a gimmicky food they're delicious and so's the brown gravy. IKEA Restaurant & Cafe on Urbanspoon

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