Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tacos A Go-Go

I'll just go ahead and start out criticizing (just like a woman). My biggest concern with Tacosagogo is how stupid their name is. I mean I think tacosagogo is catchy and fun to say, but it's impossible to remember where all the spaces and uppercase letters and dashes go! If you're going to have a name like tac osa-go-go, you should be consistent about this sort of thing and they just aren't and it makes them impossible to write any sort of coherent blog post about. -13

But some background on the joint. TaCos a GogO is located at 3704 Main Street, which puts it at the only trendy street in all of downtown Houston. The only trendy block, I'd actually go as far as to say. They also just recently opened a new store at 2912 White Oak in the Heights, which I haven't actually been to yet. Their hours are what I want to warn you about, however: they're open Monday through Thursday 7 am to 10 pm, Friday 7 am to 2 am, Saturday 8 am to 2 am, and Sunday 9 am to 3 pm. It's all very confusing and if you're like me and everybody else in college and crave tacos late at night, make sure you time your cravings so they only happen when tacoSag Ogo is open. Or go to Taco Cabana I guess.

OK so I have a lot of ground to cover so I'll just go ahead and get started with the decor. Tacos-A-Go-Go is decorated with what I like to call the "white people Mexican" style. There are some very trendy paintings of luchador masks in the Warhol style on the wall. A huge statue of the Virgin Mary hangs over the kitchen, which I think is probably more creepy for the kitchen staff than inspiring for the clientele. Dia del Muerte skeletons line the walls and there are movie posters for Mexican movies that I've certainly never heard of, let alone watched. But if you were confused by any of this, unsure what kind of restaurant this is, they have the crowning glory: salt and pepper shakers made out of Corona bottles. That's it, guys. It's authentically Mexican. +12

Except of course it's not. I obviously don't eat at authentically Mexican restaurants, they aren't trendy enough and don't have copies of free press Houston in the corner, which is obviously how I decide if I'm going to eat somewhere or not. My favorite part of ta-co-sa-go-go is their dessert tacos. I know I keep promising to stop talking about food and I keep talking about food, but srsly guys, dessert tacos? It's just a great concept! I don't want to spoil the ending for you, but they have a cookies and cream dessert taco that's a Hershey's cookies and cream bar melted in a taco with whipped cream on the top. I'm not going to tell you whether or not the food's good (obviously it is though) but I will grade them on how great of an idea it is to put chocolate bars on tacos. +14

OK I'll admit it to you guys. I've been definitely getting into the holiday spirit. Christmas is probably my favorite time of the year, because my birthday is in December for one thing, but also just because I love the season! What's not to like about buying people presents and drinking hot chocolate and riding escalators in the mall while wearing mittens and listening to the same six Christmas songs on the radio for a whole month? I'm happy to report that tacos A GO-GO definitely got into the holiday spirit. Their bathroom is fantastic! For one thing, obviously with hours like theirs three days a week they cater to the drunk crowd. The poster on their bathroom wall recommending a designated driver had Santa's sleigh and admonished: Don't drive if you're tipsy, buzzed, or Blitzen. Blitzen! Have you ever heard of a better euphemism? Blitzen! Who wouldn't love to get Blitzen on spiced rum! I hadn't even had a drink and I was inspired to call a cab! But it gets so much better! On the mirror in front of their sink, they'd stenciled a pair of antlers. Antlers! If you leaned your head in the right direction, it looked like you WERE Blitzen! Oh man. It was so festive. +600

Just one last commentary: the door to their storage room was open behind my dining companion's head, and I could see their work calendar clearly the whole time we were conversing. (No, Thomas, I was staring into your eyes the whole time!) Anyway. Here's the best part of this: The calendar they were using was from their supplier, Ditta Meat Food Service Company. However, despite the fact that this is apparently a meat supply company, the picture for December was of a pair of pastries. False advertising for Ditta Meat Food Service Company, -4 The bravery of taCOSAGOgo for living through this horror, +9. You truly are the heroes.

There are lots of other good and bad things about Tacos A Go-Go, but mostly you'll just have to go there and figure them out yourself. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to forward them to!

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